Everything You Know Is Wrong

Ian Barnard

Four Digital-Era Marketing Myths That Are Hurting Your Brand

The internet has changed the media and advertising landscape beyond recognition in the past 15 years.

Traditional marketing is outdated, ineffective and wasteful. 

We're now in a new digital age of marketing.

Or are we?

Why you aren't growing

You're doing all the right things, but you just can't seem to grow.

Despite pumping thousands of dollars into digital and social campaigns, sales remain stubbornly flat.

Nothing seems to work, and you don't know why.

Know that you're not alone - new research from the IPA shows that millions of brands and companies all over the world are in the same boat.

This white paper will stop you wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising spend that doesn't work, and show you how to approach marketing in a way that sets you up for success.

Busting digital myths

Groundbreaking new research shows that the rise of digital advertising has lead to a massive decline in marketing effectiveness.

We are all under the spell of four powerful digital myths that are:
  • Wasting advertising dollars
  • Destroying the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Stunting the growth of brands

Using the latest marketing effectiveness research from around the world, I explain each myth and show you how to overcome the challenges they bring. 


  • Why marketers are driving the worst car ever made
  • The #1 channel for brand growth
  • The (only) way to reach consumers
  • Killing brand purpose
  • Apathy for the Digital Sensorama
  • Principles for effective digital marketing
  • Further reading and resources

Who should read this?

This booklet is for experienced digital marketers, strategists, entrepreneurs, or anyone who sells products or services online.

What you'll get

You'll understand why brands are struggling to grow in the digital era, and what you have to do to break out.

Each myth is broken down into three parts:

  • An idea that we currently hold true
  • Proof that it's wrong
  • The reality behind the myth
  • A principle to help overcome it

The principles are based on condensing the knowledge of a wide variety of classic marketing books and new best practices.

The last section highlights specific books, people and courses that I've personally found helpful if you'd like to explore a topic further.

Who am I?

I'm Ian, a marketing strategist with over 7 years experience with building websites and selling things online. I run ecommerce for an international footwear brand, and handle the day-to-day work of creating digital campaigns for the North American market.

Check out my website, Twitter or LinkedIn for more details.

No-risk purchase

If you don't find this paper helpful, send me an email (ianebarnard@gmail.com) within 30 days of purchasing and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


"Beautiful, succinct, poetic, and well-researched. Love the art direction, the copy, the marketing science - just an all around success! Thank you sir." - Jake

"Must read for all marketers. Glad you shared this." - Nse

"Wonderful presentation." - Samuel

"Loved this & already embrace this for a while." - Ronald

  • Everything You Know Is Wrong [eBooklet]

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  • Format
  • Size
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  • Length
    21 pages
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  • Refund policy
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  • Everything You Know Is Wrong [eBooklet]
  • Size2.55 MB
  • Length21 pages
  • FormatPDF
  • Size 2.7 MB
  • Length21 pages
  • Reading time10 mins
  • Refund policy30 days
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