How to avoid 7 common marketing mistakes

Ian Barnard
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A short guide for new marketers on creating successful online marketing campaigns and web content.

Sell more online

Are you trying to sell things online but not having much luck?

You're probably making the same mistakes I was when I started out.

I made a lot of mistakes early in my marketing career, so I wrote this guide to save you time, money and stress by avoiding what I did wrong!

This booklet identifies common (and costly) online marketing mistakes, and gives you clear and actionable steps to fix them.

No fluff, no filler - just what you need to know to be a better online marketer.

"This is worth a purchase - some great practical tips on digital marketing best practices. We need more of this type of practical writing." - @Swanny_s


  • Creating an effective brief
  • What branding can and can’t do
  • The elements of a perfect (online) ad
  • Designing websites that work
  • Writing web content that people will want to read
  • Getting your reader to take action
  • Measuring online success
  • Bibliography and further reading

Preview - Designing websites that work

Who should read this?

This booklet is perfect for new marketers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to sell more products or services online.

What you'll get

You'll understand the root of common marketing mistakes beginners make and know how to fix them.

Each topic is broken down into three segments:

  • A real-life mistake I made early in my marketing career
  • The key lessons I learned
  • Clear, simple rules to follow that fix the mistakes and make you a better marketer

The rules are based on condensing the knowledge of a wide variety of classic marketing books and new best practices.

Each section highlights a specific book that I've personally found helpful if you'd like to explore a topic further.

Who am I?

I'm Ian, a marketing strategist with over 7 years experience with building websites and selling things online. I run ecommerce for an international footwear brand, and handle the day-to-day work of creating digital campaigns for the North American market.

Check out my website, Twitter or LinkedIn if you want more details...

No-risk purchase

If you don't find this booklet helpful, send me an email ( within 30 days of purchasing and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


"Bought last night — I’m no beginner but there’s never any harm in going over the basics again. Ian: thank you."@PatkGilmore

"Thanks for sharing and great guide, I highly recommend." — @huebnerc

  • How to avoid 7 common marketing mistakes [eBooklet]

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  • Length
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  • How to avoid 7 common marketing mistakes [eBooklet]
  • Size219 KB
  • Length17 pages
  • Reading time15 mins
  • Refund policy30 days
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How to avoid 7 common marketing mistakes

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